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Spread Love: 8 Random Acts of Kindness

8 random acts of kindness

Let's be real, we all know how to be kind, this isn't a blog post that is going to blow open your mind, but maybe it will serve as a reminder as just how easy it can be to be kind and spread love. I've compiled 8 random acts of kindness to get your started.

  1. Give a Compliment I'm sure we all go throughout our days giving people compliments, but we keep them in our head. It's one thing to think it, but practice saying it. Compliment as many people as you can today. Compliment friends, co-workers, your barista, a stranger, and most important, yourself.

  2. Lend a Hand A little help goes a long way. Offer to help someone move or take out the trash for an elderly neighbor. Bring a new mom groceries, or offer to do her laundry. Volunteer at your kids school or to feed the homeless. Pick up trash. Leave a bowl of water out for thirsty dogs who pass by your house. The list goes on. How can you lend a helping hand?

  3. Leave a Positive Review As a business owner, I can not express enough how helpful and kind this is. Your genuine and kind words go a long way. In a world where people are so quick to leave a bad review, take the extra time to leave a good one for the businesses that you love. Believe me, it makes a difference.

  4. Send a Message Do you have someone in your life that you care about? Of course you do. Send them a text message to say thank you for being such a good friend or partner. Give them a compliment and tell them why you love them. So easy, yet so impactful.

  5. Max the Meter I love this one. Anytime you park in a metered parking spot and won't be there the length of the allotted time, max it out anyway. Every time I'm looking for a parking spot and see a meter flashing green, it makes me so happy. It doesn't cost much and could literally make someones day. Especially here in San Diego where parking can be such a headache sometimes.

  6. Donate Donate money. Don't have money, donate time. Don't have time, donate stuff. For example, bring old blankets and pillows to an animal shelter. Donate food to homeless shelters. Toys to kids in need. Clothes and baby supplies to places that help new moms. Donation comes in many forms, find what works for you.

  7. Put Away Your Phone Be present. What a gift this is to whoever you are with. We are all guilty of this, but let's start making the intention to be more intentional when we are in the presence of others. Put your phone down. Give whoever you are with all your attention. Your partner, friend, your kids, even that annoying coworker that you've been teamed up with for a work project. We all deserve to be seen and heard. It starts with you.

  8. Practice Self-Kindness Yep. Sometimes in order to give kindness to others, we must first know what it feels like. And if for some reason you aren't receiving kindness from others in your life, it's your responsibility, regardless, to give kindness to yourself. If it's hard, start small. Buy yourself flowers, give yourself a small compliment, then go from there. Take time in your day to do something you love, something that brings you joy. The more we can experience kindness for yourselves, the more we can share it with others. Self-love is an act of kindness. Sometimes it's easy to give to everyone else, but don't deplete yourself, give to yourself so that you can continue to spread love in the world.

What are some ways you spread love? Any unique acts of kindness you've done or experienced? Leave a comment and share!

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