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Mind Like a Wolf, Heart Like a Lion

Welcome to Wolf & Lion! Why the heck did we name our yoga/wellness company that?! Well, for many reasons, but let's go in depth on a few

To have a mind like a wolf, they would embody a pack-like mentality, looking out for their community, a protector of their tribe. They are skilled at listening to their intuition, trusting their instincts to guide them on a path most true to their heart. They have an appetite for freedom and exploration. Ruled by the moon, wolves hold a lot of wisdom, and an even deeper connection to the inner wisdom that we all know is there, guiding us to a higher connection to self and others. Wolves are messengers of the spirit world. They remind us to live life with passion and to come back to your relationship with the earth.

To have a heart like a lion, is to love fearlessly and unconditionally. To be courageous, brave and willing to charge forward even if the destination is unclear. Ruled by the sun, embodying the same powerful energy and putting passion into everything they do. Lions have the ability to embrace and survive extremes, to navigate through life, trusting the process.

Both species, are very connected to their tribe, and our number one priority here at W&L, is our community. We also love the contrast of the sun and the moon, what they themselves represent, and the transformation that happens from day to night. Just like the transformation that happens in our lives.

At Wolf & Lion, we honor the spirit of these two badass, incredible creatures, striving to live with their spirits in mind, body and soul.

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