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Image by Gilles Lambert

Brittany Fasano

Nature Experience Curator 



Favorite Pose:

Tripod Headstand

Favorite Place to Eat in San Diego:

Roberto's Taco Shop

Astrological Sun Sign:


A Bit About Britt

Meet Britt, an intrepid trailblazer, and a passionate advocate for the great outdoors. With a heart that finds solace amidst nature's embrace, Britt loves leading groups of hikers on local trails that awaken the spirit of exploration and appreciation for our sacred wilderness.

Since the beginning of her hiking journey over a decade ago, Britt has been a relentless explorer of all things outside. Her profound connection with the natural world led her to pursue and achieve her wilderness survival and first aid certification, further deepening her commitment to helping others experience the raw allure of Mother Nature.

In 2021 alone, she completed an astounding 75 unique hikes across the United States, embarking on journeys that covered thousands of miles.

These ambitious expeditions were not solely about traversing distances; they became a platform for honing essential survival skills. From understanding the intricate nuances of foraging to mastering the art of campcraft, her dedication to wilderness survival has transformed her into a true expert.

Britt's leadership on nature hikes is characterized by a genuine love for the outdoors and a deep respect for its inhabitants. Her nurturing and patient demeanor put hikers at ease, encouraging them to open their hearts to the beauty that surrounds them.

As an avid adventurer, Britt firmly believes that nature has the power to heal and inspire, and all that you need to heal resides within yourself - your most important teacher. With every hike she leads, she aims to create a sense of community among hikers of all experience levels.

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a novice seeking to step into the world of outdoor exploration, or if you're just looking for an active way to spend time with the community outside, Britt is honored to be your guide. Join Wolf & Lion's next expedition, and together, let's traverse the untamed beauty of nature, leaving only footprints of wonder and respect along the way.

Take a Hike with Britt

Britt is our Nature Experience Curator, meaning she leads our hikes for the Wolf & Lion Hiking Group. She doesn't teach yoga but you will often see her in class. We offer a community hike bi-monthly/quarterly. Our hike experiences are free and you can join our hiking group here:

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